Clarsach player, Isbel Pendlebury, is a graduate of Strathclyde University’s esteemed BA applied music degree. A highly skilled performer having performed at events from the Lorient Interceltique music festival in France to the Metropolitain club in New York, she continues to compose and perform in the highlands alongside working as a secondary school music teacher.

Emma Donald has been playing the violin since the age of 8. Growing up, she enjoyed learning both classical and traditional Scottish music, and has strived to keep both passions running simultaneously. She has a first class honours degree in music from the University of Edinburgh. Emma is a founding member of the Fyrish String Quartet, the Hans Gal Trio, and Turadh.

Emma and Isbel are both passionate composers of traditional music, which is what initially brought them together as a duo. They both strive to push boundaries of what is expected from their instruments along with composing original, exciting and challenging music.